Total Reliability

In the modern business environment, increasing demands are placed upon your company's information systems. Demands which require greater understanding of user needs, more flexibility and above all, maximum reliability. Whether you are installing new terminals or LANs, updating equipment or relocating to new premises you need to be sure that downtime is as short as possible so that the headaches and worries are kept to a minimum and the work will be carried out quickly and reliably by the most professional engineers available.

Of all the equipment you may be installing, cabling is often the last thing to be considered and yet no matter how much you may have invested in new and increasingly sophisticated equipment, the smallest cabling fault can cause the entire system to fail.

Which means more expense, more worry and often a loss of earnings for your company.

Extensive Capability

From a simple PC-printer link to complete multi media transmission systems, our professional project management means that you are guaranteed to a high quality and consistency of work, with minimum delays to your business operations. We understand how important it is to plan and to specify correctly, and to ensure that work is carried out to the exacting technical standards, required in order to meet all your technical standards, required in order to meet all your equipment needs now, and for years to come.

We regularly work with companies using some of the most advanced equipment. Many ask us to return time after time to help their organisations grow and change because we spend time and trouble understanding their needs, their concerns and the characteristics unique to every project. So that they, in turn, can rely upon us to deliver the exact service they require time after time.


Response & Flexibility

We pride ourselves in rapid reaction to our customers’ needs, minimising any disruption and helping to maximise the value of the I.T. investment. During normal working conditions our average response time is around 2 hours for our engineers to call to site, survey and report. Whilst working on major projects we recognise the need for immediate response on site, when construction consultants or other contractors may need changes to be made at a moments notice.

What’s more, our engineers are happy to discuss details with any of your staff, from user to Managing Director.